Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to enter any type of contract to use SyncIn?

No. The first month is free and you may cancel at any time!  We are confident that the time and money saved and convenience in recording hours will make you love our service.


How do I start using SyncIn?

Contact us! We have designed the system to weave into your existing company framework. We simply create your company account and add your employees into the system.  Once this setup is complete, your employees are ready to start using SyncIn.


How easy is it to implement SyncIn?

We tailor an implementation strategy that is unique to your company’s needs.  The convenience of SyncIn makes it easy to incorporate into employee work days.  We show the employees how to use the system and make sure that it quickly becomes second nature.


What if I let go of an employee?

Simply change the employee’s status to inactive.  If they return to work, reinstate all of their information by changing their status back to active.


What if my employees do not have smartphones? Can they still use SyncIn?

Of course!  SyncIn is designed to work with any phone, including land lines. We created smartphone applications to add convenience for employees.


How do I know if my employees are at work?

SyncIn uses GPS tracking.  For companies that work at multiple job sites, an administrator can simply add the address of the jobsite so that employees will be tagged at that location.  This feature also helps keep track of how many employee hours are spent at each individual job.


Can you locate phones that are not smartphones?

Yes. Every type of phone is locatable by the service provider. We partnered with providers and receive location information from them directly.


What if there is no reception on a jobsite?

You have the ability to setup an acceptable radius from the job site where employees will be permitted to sync in. The acceptable sync area may also be moved to a different agreed upon location.  For instance, if there is no reception at the house, you can simply have the employees sync in at the beginning of the driveway.  Moving the location is almost never necessary.


Can employees prerecord their voice?

Employees can be required to repeat a randomly generated code when they sync in to ensure their voice has not been prerecorded and replayed.